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“Tiptoe through the tulips…”
Nick scrambled through the dark forest, knocking aside branches and battering cobwebs. It was right behind him, close enough he could hear its footsteps.
“Won’t you tiptoe through the tulips…”
Nick’s foot caught on a root protruding from the ground and he stumbled. He desperately tried to right himself, but a hand seized his shoulder, shoving him into a tree.
“Oh, tiptoe from the garden…”

Something whistled through the air and Nick ducked. It hit the tree with a wet thud, embedding itself right where his head had been. He could see a long handle quivering in the trunk.
Nick tore off in a different direction, staggering through the underbrush. He could hear it cackling behind him as it wrenched the axe out of the tree and gave chase again.
“Will you pardon me?”
The voice began to fade, and Nick allowed himself a glimmer of hope; he was outrunning it!
The ground gave way beneath his feet and he fell headfirst down the slope. He tumbled, landing hard on his left leg; there was a crack, followed by searing pain. He rolled a few more times before coming to rest at the edge of a clearing.
It was standing there in the moonlight, holding the axe in its right hand. It leered at him through smeared white makeup and adjusted its matted red wig as it stomped towards him.
“By the garden of the willow tree…”
Nick scrambled away on all fours, gasping in pain. “N-n-no-oo…”
The clown raised the axe and Nick began to scream.
“Won’t you tiptoe through the tulips…”
There was a sickening crunch. The screaming stopped.
“With me…”