You can’t make somebody love you. You can only stalk them and hope for the best.

Half of my family is diabetic. This makes for extremely interesting dinners, as they all deliberately prick themselves so they bleed.

For a more in-depth explanation of diabetes, please go here. The original post is about my sister Emily’s first diabetic seizure. This post is about her second. It involves two sisters, a brief discussion about the pros of adultery and of course my sister Kate’s “boyfriend,” whom you have already met.
This story begins early one morning as everyone was getting ready for school.
In all the hustle and bustle Emily snuck out without eating breakfast.
This is very bad. Diabetics must eat at each meal. Failure to do so causes their body’s blood sugar to fluctuate wildly. When testing, a blood sugar of 100 is normal, 150 is high, 80 is low and 60 is dangerous.
Emily knew this but wanted to eat… other things.
Then she gave herself a healthy shot of insulin in an effort to compensate. Lollipops are not real sugar. I mean, they are, but it’s more like a one hit wonder- the sugar from it only lasts so long, and then vanishes. Insulin can handle that, but it’s more designed for longer-term sugars; think of that kind of sugar as Elvis Presley: he’s always on the radio.
Emily had no Elvis Presley in her bloodstream. She only had Carly Rae Jepsen. Legions of insulin showed up expecting to absorb and process Elvis for her body, but they only found Carly. The insulin began to swiftly process the short term sugar from the candy; but that was the only sugar Emily had.
This creates a very strange phenomenon. The blood sugar, when tested, will still read as abnormally high, but in reality it is dropping like a stone-and dropping much faster than the body can safely handle. The brain begins to turn off the lights, resulting in an “absence seizure;” there’s no limb jerking, but the brain has nevertheless stopped functioning. A new influx of sugar is needed, and this can be any sugar: candy or glucose will work the fastest. Once the immediate danger is over, the diabetic just needs a good meal.
Clearly that influx didn’t happen here.
Emily began to act very strangely in class, strangely enough that the teacher took her to the office and called my Mom. When Mom arrived, she found Emily like this:
That was fairly normal for Emily at the time, so Mom didn’t think much of it. Her blood sugar was 250, so she wasn’t low, Mom reasoned, and this might just be a temper tantrum. Emily refused to answer any questions, and no amount of prodding could get an answer.
Emily’s teacher was becoming upset. She insisted that Mom check Emily’s blood again, and Mom finally relented, mainly to calm the teacher down. In ten minutes, her sugar had dropped to 130. That can’t occur normally. Mom instantly realized what had happened, and began rustling in her bags for candy. While urgent, this seizure wasn’t an emergency; Emily just needed candy. Mom had handled stuff like that before, so she wasn’t terribly worried.
The teacher, however, had other ideas.
She tore out of the room like a rocket and headed straight for the phone in main office. Mom was right behind.

I am not knocking the teacher here. Diabetes is frightening even when you live with it on a daily basis. I would have done the same thing in her situation.

Within moments, paramedics and EMTs began streaming in the front entrance. They swooped in and placed the now-comatose Emily on a backboard. Someone tested her sugar and discovered it had now dropped to 46. This is baaaaaaaad. No one was giving her sugar after the test; they were checking blood pressure and pupil dilation. They were also ignoring Mom, who by this time wasn’t allowed near Emily and was approaching hysteria.
Then the door burst open…and there HE stood AGAIN.
It was Kate’s EMT boyfriend! He of the bulging biceps and rippling pectorals, the modern-day Adonis in the Smithfield EMT shirt, the savior of the last seizure and the one who had captured Kate’s heart forever.
My mom is happily married to my Dad. They’ve been together almost 27 years, and have the strongest marriage of anyone I have ever seen. I consider their union to be the perfect ideal of true love and the temple sealing.
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When he heard what Emily’s blood sugar was, he hit the roof.
By now Emily was being carried out to the ambulance, trailed by several EMT’s now frantically hooking up a glucose IV into her arm…and Mom and the modern-day Adonis.
Kate had been pulled out of class down the hall by the principal, and she was now rushing out the doors to the ambulance. Emily’s teacher, naturally thinking that Kate was terrified by Emily’s plight, rushed to intercept her before she got to the ambulance. Kate wasn’t interested in Emily, though.
In the meantime, classes had come to a standstill as every child and teacher crowded around the windows for a sneak peek into my family’s soap opera.
Emily was loaded into the ambulance without incident. There was an incident, but it involved Kate.
After a brief stint in the ER Emily returned to normal.

Well, as normal as she gets.

My parents’ marriage survived. Kate is now happily married, though not to the EMT. We haven’t actually seen the poor man on any other calls. I can’t imagine why.