Most kids in the nineties watched The Rugrats or whittled away their time collecting Furbies from McDonalds.

Actual Furby promotional materials handed out in 1997.

I didn’t. I had another obsession.


I watched Star Trek re-runs. I wrote Star Trek stories. I built Star Trek ships. I played Star Trek games. The kid across the street was Spock. “You’re taller than me, and Spock is taller than Kirk, so it would work best that way,” is what I told him. I lied. I was Captain Kirk. It was non-negotiable. I would have punched him in the nose if he ever dared suggest he be Captain Kirk.

I was so into Star Trek I would continue the games after my friend left. I would be everyone, from Khan to Lt. Uhura.

It didn’t help that I only had one boy my age in the entire town.

I love Star Trek. If I wasn’t Mormon I would probably say my marriage vows in Klingon.
But I digress. Shortly after high school the new Star Trek came out. Because it was hip and cool (something Star Trek hadn’t been for over a decade) I felt safe inviting my friends over for a Star Trek party. They were intrigued enough that we kept having them.
And a glorious fanship was born! I took them through all the original movies and a lot of the episodes. They all became intimate with the Borg, the Romulans and the wonderful tales of Kirk, Spock and that hoser Picard.
Some friends became so into Star Trek they went out and purchased entire seasons. We would have passionate….erm, discussions… on Captain Kirk’s death, whether or not the Borg should come into the new movies, and which series was the best.

But this is more than simply a tale about how I spawned more Star Trek fans. This is a tale of love and beauty!
This is my friend Jessica.
This is my friend Jordan.


Yes. He is that tall.

They knew each other somewhat before I started inviting them. I knew Jordan a little from high school, and we had a college class together. Jessica became my friend because my then-girlfriend was her friend. So they came over.

Jessica was not all that impressed.

At the time I thought Jordan was really getting into Star Trek.
It turns out he was just really into Jessica.
As the summer progressed, so did their relationship. Jordan left that fall to serve an LDS mission, but they stayed in contact. This entire group of friends got together again when he came home to see Star Trek Into Darkness at Imax.
Jordan and Jessica picked up where they left off, and they got married last year in the Salt Lake Temple. I sometimes in a fit of madness tell them that both Star Trek and I were responsible, and demand that I get naming rights for the firstborn.
They are not impressed. Happy Valentine’s Day!


They shall live long and prosper.