This blog is a chronicle of my own life. Most posts are based on true stories (I NEVER exaggerate) and a select few are perspectives or opinion pieces. I hope to show the “Perils and Pitfalls” of modern life. Regardless of the type of post, they are meant to be enjoyable and illuminating. I update it every Sunday afternoon, and the Exercise Diary whenever something interesting happens.

Below are a few questions that people routinely ask me about the blog.

1. Do you draw these yourself?

Ha! No. These are all photographs taken during the event I am blogging about. Photographs are the only way to achieve that life-like, real-looking quality.

2. Why don’t the people in your blog have hands or feet?


I…can’t draw very well. Feet seem to be beyond my expertise. I can draw hands, but they take forever, and as much as I enjoy this, I do have a life outside of blog posts. So my characters don’t get hands.

3. Your uncle Kevin. Is he really…

Crazy? Yes.

4. You draw yourself differently a lot. Is there a reason?

I try to make my posts reasonably accurate. Sometimes I was wearing glasses when the stories happened, sometimes I wasn’t. I sported a beard for a while when the blog first started. I don’t think it’d be so confusing if I my drawing skills weren’t so bad. Sorry!